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Why Online Defensive Driving is the Better Way to Go

If you have gotten a ticket and have received permission from a court to take a defensive driving class, you may not be looking forward to it very much. This may be the cause you have taken defensive driving before in the “old school” way. By old school, we mean defensive driving actually taught at a driving school. Your memories of that experience probably include boring lectures, being surrounded by strangers and checking your watch every 30 seconds begging for the whole thing to be over.

Keep yourself from making another bad memory by starting a course right now online. An online course can be worked at your own pace from your own place. If you can get on to the interwebs, you can work from anywhere and on any device. You can move seamlessly from computer to tablet to smartphone without ever losing your place!

Our New Video Defensive Driving Course

A Hidden Benefit of Defensive Driving

Did you know that getting that ticket may actually make you money? As you probably know, keeping points off your driving record will keep your insurance rates from going up, but taking a defensive driving course might actually cause your premiums to go down. Ask your insurance agent if taking a course would make you eligible for a safe driver discount. Some of our students who have taken advantage of this three-year discount tell us that the savings they enjoyed were enough to pay for their course and all of their court fees and they still had money to spare. At the end of your course, we will be sending you a second, insurance only copy of your course completion certificate absolutely free. Maybe you can buy lunch for that nice policeman who wrote your ticket with your extra pocket money…

You Can’t Have a Great Experience without Great Customer Service

It really doesn’t matter much how educational and entertaining our course is if we wind up not getting you what you need (that certificate!) on time. We know that you want that thing as quickly as possible which is why we offer fast and free certificate processing. How fast is fast? Complete your course by 3 PM any weekday and we’ll hand your certificate to our mailman that same afternoon. If you need it faster still, check out our selection of express delivery options.

We also understand that defensive driving is not an every day thing for you like it is for us. If you give us a call or send us an email, we would be happy to answer any question you may have about your course or how it works. Since most students work on their courses outside of “normal business hours,” we don’t keep “normal business hours” either. You can reach us daytime, evenings or weekends, every day. And by every we mean Christmas Day, Valentine’s day, Arbor and Groundhog Day, too!

Online Defensive Driving with A Sense of Humor!

Texas approved for ticket dismissal in every court in the state.